Our initiative, Koumudi Grameena Netralaya pvt (KGN in short) has a proven track record of about 12 years in improving the integrated well being of eye care patients in the remote, rural parts of northern kerala.

Led by its dedicated and reputed team of doctors and staff, key successes till date include a hospital in Kumaramangalam, Kasaragode district, Kerala fully equipped with the latest in technology and comfortable in-patient care facilities, numerous successful eye camps, innovations in different forms of surgery (particularly vitreo-retinal), successful presentations in national level seminars and conferences, and a brand image and patient base that includes all the northern districts of kerala and some southern districts of Karnataka.

  • An energetic evolution of rural system
  • Reality - Rural State-of-Art
  • Specific focus on health. Cultural development and aggration empowerment
Major Services
  • Medical and surgical treatments for eye.
  • We do surgeries for cataract(iol), squint, gluacoma, retinal detachment, vitrectomy and all other major, complicated eye injuries.
  • We undertake laser treatment for diabetic retinopathic patients - only centre in kasaragod district
  • Dr N. Sunil, vitre-retinal surgeon is one of the leading surgeons in Kerala.
Other Features
  • Peace health is the need of the hour. We promote health care with excellent country side ambience.
  • Kumaramangalam, Bela in Kasaragod district of kerala in rich by its natural beauty.
  • We promote a tensed free, peaceful, pleasant environment for eye care. This eye care centre has its own uniqueness by the way of inpatient admission care. We provide independent cottages for patients.
The spirit behind

Kandiyoor Neelakantan(KN) is an academician by instinct, inclination and profesional qualifications. He is widely renowned in academic circles and possesses an impeccable hands on portfolio of experiance for more than two scores and ten in the areas of schooling and training. He has been long concerened with the seminal requirement to undertake "Rural Upgradation and Empowerment", particularly modernizations in the areas of healthcare and medical aid, education and the abundant reservoirs of energy, talend and information that the Indian rural ambience represent.

Sri. Neelakandan s supported in this sacred endeavour by members of the "KN Group" THat he heads, members who have made their mark in capacities of merit and responsibility in their respective Proffessions and in society

The inaugural setting for his vision and enterprise is the idyllic Kumaramangalam Villege, near Kumbala in Kasaragod district, in the northernmost tip of kerala

Major Projects
  • The eye hospital itself is a unique project by the way of its approach. We have promoted an eye care resort.
  • Eye care camps in villages of kerala - we invite interested people to sponsor these camps.
  • Community eye care education and awareness camps - this is a continuous step for enhanced service of health care. This will help in regular updating of health awareness.
  • Primary health centres in rural areas in kerala - this will formally help in for a continued awareness creation centres of health. This will act as nodal points for the eye care resort. Sponsorships are invited for promoting this.

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