Sahaj Marg system of meditation

Human life

Human life , as we see, starts with our birth from the womb of our mother, then traverses through varying experiences, which may be defined as 'happy', 'sad', 'successful', 'failure' etc, in terms of the material advancements that are made during the life time. Life is full of opposite experiences- happiness-sorrow, peace-agitation etc. After meandering through these, the human life ultimately ends in death.
All human beings are born similarly and in spite of all medical and technological advancements , death occurs inevitably. Death is indeed the great equalizer . All differences (so called) between human beings come to an end with death.


All human beings are afflicted with same diseases. So also the treatment of diseases is the same for all. In fact this sameness is the basis of medical treatment. Diseases show no difference between classes, religions, languages etc.
Our egos are shattered when we contract a disease. In such a situation , the only thought that remains is of a quick cure of the disease . All the thoughts of society, work disappear, and our thought shrinks to our body, and regaining of health become our first concern. Thus , diseases are reminders of our duty to our body.Thus it is said-' Shareera madhyam khalu dharma sadhanam'( Only through the body we can accomplish our duty).
Mental peace- the goal of treatment
Thus, it is clear that treatment should end with mental harmony and peace; otherwise it is incomplete. Indeed the goal of treatment of an ailment should be mental peace more than bodily relief.
When does mind become peaceful? In spite of medical advancements, we find that the routine activity that derives maximum mental peace is deep sleep. In spite of material successes, a person becomes agitated if he does not get good sleep. Thus they take sleeping pills to induce sleep.
Learning from sleep
Why do we become peaceful in sleep? Even though we are supposedly inactive in sleep, it is this inactivity that gives us mental peace.
This is because mind is in a balanced state in sleep and becomes settled during sleep.
What is it that persists in us through the deepest sleep and brings us back to normal life on waking up? If we observe, without 'THAT', we are a useless lump of flesh. On death – the sleep of no return, our body, which was pampered and protected has to be disposed as soon as possible, otherwise it will decay and stink.

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