Story of Koumudi Grameena Netralaya

Few interesting and inspiring notes
"…are you mad!!! …starting a hospital in a remote rural village…"
– A Leading Ophthalmologist

"…Usually people migrate from villages to cities, for the first time seeing a family decided otherwise…"
– A very close relative

"Why do you want to start an enterprise in a rural village? No bank will give you loan for this…"
– Bank Manager of a very important Bank in Kasaragod

The History
Dr. N. Sunil is a vitreo-retinal surgeon who did his MS Ophthalmology from Nagri Eye Hospital (part of NHL Medical College, Ahmedabad, and affiliated to Gujarat University), after his graduation in medicine from TD Medical College, Alappuzha. He continued pursuing his higher studies for attaining a Fellowship in Vitreo-Retinal area from Aravind Eye Hospital (AEH). It was during his tenure from 1995-2001 with AEH as a Medical Officer at Coimbatore, he got inspired to pursue services in a rural village.
Dr N.Sunil has his paternal roots in a village in Palakkad. Dr Sunil's father is a native of Ottapalam, The ideation of a rural eye hospital made the family to search places in Palakkad and other areas in Kerala. There were no supporters really for Dr Sunil's desire. However, his parents were quite determined to make sure that Dr Sunil's desire had some support. The family shifted en masse from Kochi to Bela village for initiating this venture. K. Neelakantan, Dr Sunil's father had the real quality of perseverance and determination. His mother T. Koumudi had no second thought on his intention.
The Start
9th June 2001 saw the birth of Koumudi Grameena Netralaya.

  • The 1st structure was just 250 sq.ft. The hospital had a computer, slit lamp, and other very base necessities.
  • The first year saw just 5-6 patients per week.
  • Days went by; and they were finding hard to pay back the interest for the small loan taken. Ultimately the situation pressurized them to pledge their property for the re-payment and had to do this.
  • No banks gave any loans in Kasaragod. Fortunately, it was only Federal Bank, Kasaragod, which understood the good intention of this venture. Federal Bank has been associated with this hospital since then.
The Turnaround
There was absolute dissent and anxiety in family members, when this venture commenced its services with more purity and conscience, The outpatient department was virtually Zero initially. Patients and society had absolute skepticism regarding the credibility of Dr Sunil.
Dr Sunil and his younger brother (who joined the hospital in full capacity) took the initiative to understand the ground realities of villages. It was henceforth decided to initiate series of awareness camps, campaigns and medical eye camps in association with social service organization, social clubs and other inspired associates. The services, support and guidance of Shri Sai Ram Bhat is worth mentioning. The existence of this hospital further stabilized with a spiritual conscience evolved.
The hospital has received voluntary contributions through few people in the form of financial assistance and equipments.
Sri Ramchandra Mission, pursuing Sahaj Marg meditation system has internally created the urge and insight in each employee of this hospital to work for the self and for the society.
The upkeep
The Master is the major supportive, by his blessings and words. KGN imbibed his belief of Spiritual Progression and Emotional Wellbeing .
All the employees have become Abhyasis, they all lead a discipline life. The employees are provided with social security measures of PF, bonus, leave encashment etc. Every employee's birthdays is celebrated.
As on today, KGN has every possible contention to believe that Service is something that can bring laurels.

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